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Mini production of bon-bons | All kits

Simplify and speed up the production of bon-bons with fillings.

A set of equipment that will save you from the necessity of constantly mixing paints and tempering chocolate. Less routine - more business and creativity!
What you can do:
  • Bon-bons
  • Mendiants
  • Chocolate bars
  • Chopped chocolate
Recommended kit configuration
Recommended kit configuration

What's included

Chocolate tempering bowl 20 kg
Wheeled mixer for chocolate
Incubator for cocoa butter crystals (Easy tempering machine)
Vibrating table for chocolate candies
Storage container for colored cocoa butter
The kit is more profitable

We recommend

Equipment and inventory to effectively complete the kit.

Stack trolley for confectionery
Shelf for the 20 kg chocolate tempering bowl
Frame for stuffing 10 mm (stainless steel)
Frame for stuffing 15 mm (stainless steel)
Frame for stuffing 22.5 mm (stainless steel)
Frame for stuffing 30 mm (stainless steel)
Frame for stuffing 10 mm (mini)
Frame for stuffing 15 mm (mini)
Frame for stuffing 22.5 mm (mini)
Frame for stuffing 30 mm (mini)
Difficult choice?

Leave a request for a consultation and we will help you decide.

Additional inventory and equipment

Something that will come in handy in the kitchen.

  • Refrigerator
  • storage racks
  • Desktop
  • high-capacity microwave
  • Libra
  • hair dryer (better construction)
  • Blender
  • Mixer
  • cutter (this is such a big blender)
  • Stove (gas, electric or induction)
  • Freezer
  • Large containers
  • Small containers
  • silicone spatula
  • Spatulas
  • Scrapers
  • The palette
  • Whisk
  • Silicone Mat
  • Large saucepan
  • A small saucepan
  • Sieve
  • Scissors
  • Pastry bags (+ attachments)
  • Office knife
  • confectionery paper
  • disposable bags
  • Transfer film
  • Latex gloves
  • kandurin brush
How it works

ready-made chocolate

Kit of equipment for the production on the base of ready-made chocolate.

Learn more

  1. Melting the chocolate

    Ready-made chocolate is sold in different forms: culet, "buttons", discs or mini bricks. Before working with it, it must be melted (or dissolved). In order not to stay in vane next to a microwave oven or a water bath, we offer a 20 kg chocolate tempering bowl and a wheel mixer in this kit. It will melt the chocolate itself and keep it in liquid form at a constant temperature set by you for as long as you need, and the wheel mixer will stir the chocolate so that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the mass. Moreover, the mixer has a special spout that takes the chocolate off the wheel and lets it flow in a steady stream from the top to the bottom, the intensity of which can be adjusted. This will allow you to cope quickly with the stages of preparing the bon-bon shells and closing the bottom of the candies.

  2. Production of bon-bons

    So, we have solved the problem of melting the chocolate. Next is pre-crystallization. If you are using the tempering or seeding method ... or dissolving, you know how tricky these operations are and how much skill they require. Plus, it takes quite a long time. In order to speed up the process, we recommend preparing chocolate for work by adding "silk" - cocoa butter with a temperature of 32.5-33 degrees in a pasty form (Video on how to do this –(прим. перевод. link). So this concentrate of stable cocoa butter crystals is called “silk”. All we need is to add this paste to the chocolate, the temperature of which does not exceed 34 ° C, in an amount of about 0.2% of the total weight of the chocolate to be prepared, and wait until the stable crystals are distributed throughout the bowl.

    The vibrating table, designed specifically for working with polycarbonate candy molds, perfectly adheres to the tempering bowl. The vibrating table has two types of surfaces. One surface is solid and plain - it is needed for vibrating the molds after pouring to get rid of air bubbles. The second is a grate, which hangs over the bowl with chocolate - it is needed in order to put the molds upside down on it and drain the excess chocolate back into the container, and not on the table (or wherever), as most chocolatiers, who do not have such installation, do. In this way you get cleaner and faster production.

    Paints. If you have a container for storage of colored cocoa butter, you do not need to mix the colors again every time, which certainly helps a lot when you need to make many candies quickly. The paints will always be warmed up and ready to go, you just have to choose a color and get to work.

    ⚠️ Note: the kit does not include an airbrush for cocoa butter, which is used to evenly distribute the colored cocoa butter in the mold. An airbrush is only one of the techniques. If you need it, you will have to purchase it somewhere else. But remember that bon-bon shells can be decorated in other ways: sponges, brushes, toothbrushes, etc.

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