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/ Coating machine 5 kg

Coating machine 5 kg

Coating machine 5 kg by KADZAMA
Coating machine 5 kg by KADZAMA
Coating machine 5 kg by KADZAMA
Coating machine 5 kg by KADZAMA
Coating machine 5 kg by KADZAMA
Coating machine 5 kg by KADZAMA
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Professional machine for the production of small batches of dragee.

All coating machines (dragee machines) are designed and work the same way:

Fillings are loaded into a metal bowl (drum) installed at a slight slope. This fillings can be divided into groups:

  • liqueur;
  • marmalade (jelly);
  • ganache-based;
  • caramel;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • marzipan;
  • fatty;
  • candied fruit-based;
  • alcoholized berries-based;
  • dried fruits and berries-based.


Next, the rotation of the drum starts and the product for knurling is added in portions in a special way. For example, chocolate. Dragee knurling is what the dragee is coated with.

Built-in air blower system.

To control the knurling process and chocolate crystallization, additional air blowing is often needed.

This model is equipped with a special tube, so you can direct a stream of air directly onto the products inside the machine. The blower can operate in two modes: COLD AIR (room temperature air cooling) and HOT AIR (heating). The same as your household hair dryer.

The flow of unheated air cools the chocolate and speeds up the crystallization, so dragees are made faster. Please note that the machine can’t additionally cool the air (it works as a fan, not as an air conditioner).

But the machine is able to heat the air and the heating temperature is adjustable. With the help of a heated air stream several tasks can be solved:

1. If knurling is done unevenly, warm air will decrystallize (melt) the top layer of chocolate and allow it to be more evenly distributed over the candy. This prevents defects in the batch. All sweets must be beautiful!

2. Heating and melting of knurling (chocolate, for example) in order to clean the walls of the machine before a new load or recipe changes. It’s very useful, as the chocolate inevitably freezes on the inner walls of the drum during the knurling process.

If airflow is not required at all, the tube can be moved aside.

We also have a coating machine 2 kg in our line-up, but without air blowing. Perfect for compact home crafting or working out recipes at production.

The appearance of goods and packaging may differ from the video.
Dimensional size 618 х 453 x 609 mm
Weight 39 kg
Supply 220-240 V~50 Hz
Power 0,85 kW/h
Housing material Stainless steel AISI 304
Package overall size 680 х 600 x 750 mm
Package weight 48 kg
220-240 V~50 Hz
0,85 kW/h
Dimensional size
618 х 453 x 609 mm
39 kg
  • There may be several reasons.

    Insufficient rotation time in the drum (the gloss did not have enough time to dry).

    Solution: Increase the drying time (there is no exact time, a lot depends on the temperature/humidity in the room and the composition of the gloss). Dragees should not be sticky to the touch.

  • Humidity level in the room is too high (above 70%).

    Solution: Reduce indoor humidity. For example, ventilate or turn the air conditioner on.

  • Incorrectly selected gloss.

    Solution: Choose a gum arabic-based gloss.

  • The reason is the violation of the temperature regime during panning and / or storage of ready-made dragee. The optimal room temperature for dragee making is 18–20ºC. If the temperature is higher, surface defects may occur after panning.

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