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/ Payment and delivery

Payment and delivery


Cashless payment only.

  1. Select items on the site and place an order;
  2. We process the order, contact you via phone or email, discuss the details and invoice for payment;
  3. You pay the order by invoice;
  4. As soon as we receive a confirmation from bank that the invoice is paid, we get your order ready. We can arrange delivery of your order, or you can pick it in our stock. The address is: Slovenia, Ljubljana, Letališka 35 (Intereuropa);

There are two ways to get your order:

You can pick it up in our stock.

KADZAMA warehouse in Slovenia, Ljubljana, Letališka 35 (Intereuropa).
KADZAMA warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
KADZAMA warehouse in Moscow, Russia.


Delivery terms are discussed with the manager after placing the order.

We will contact you in our working hours.
Thank you!
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