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Build your own confectionery manufacture on handicraft chocolate with net cost from only 3 €/kg

Maintain high quality and get rid of brand and logistics overpayments as well.

Modern compact mills with stone grinders for manufacturing chocolate, nut spreads and 100% nut and seed paste.
Flagship Melangeurs
Smart electronics, slick look, CE certified for all the USA, Europe and Australian requirements
7 to 85 kg capacity
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Why make a chocolate yourself if it's easier to buy a ready-made one?
European chocolate is cool, but...

There are no cocoa plants growing in Europe.

Famous manufacturers of ready-made chocolate for business are in fact dealers between farmers and entrepreneurs.

They process the cocoa and you cover all costs by paying for:

Manufacturing + logistics + brand + European taxes & salaries + sellers' extra charge.

It’s expensive.

Ready-made chocolate from famous brands.
≈ 10 €/kg
55% dark chocolate
Same chocolate made with melangeur from cocoa liquor.
≈ 3.5 €/kg
55% dark chocolate comparable with ready-made chocolate from famous brands in taste and quality.
Take control over the net cost and ingredients of your chocolate.

You can buy all the ingredients for your chocolate in the same specialized stores where ready-made work chocolate is sold.

The process of making chocolate in a melangeur.
  1. Put all the ingredients in a melangeur consistently.
    Ingredients are dipped from fattest to most solid. Cocoa butter with ground cocoa or cocoa nibs first (in case of bean-to-bar). Sugar is added last.
  2. Grinding and mixing.
    Since chocolate is a vegetable fat-based product, ingredients won’t dissolve. In order to achieve smooth-n-silkу texture, a melangeur needs to work from 48 to 72 hours nonstop to properly grind dry substances and mix them with fats.
  3. Unloading.
    Upon reaching the desired consistency, the chocolate is unloaded for further manufacture or storage. KADZAMA Melangeurs with a capacity of 20 kg or more are equipped with a manual tilting gear for the bowl, allowing to unload a large bulk even in emergency cases (for example, in case of a total black out). We recommend using a vibrating sieve during unloading and cleaning to filter the chocolate out of the unmilled pieces, providing purity and safety of the final product.
Take a look at the process of making chocolate in a melangeur.
Make chocolate based on classic recipes or come up with your own.
Dark chocolate
recipe calculator
Milk chocolate
recipe calculator
White chocolate
recipe calculator
But not only chocolate...
Melangeur is a unique piece of tech for getting homogeneous mass from solid ingredients.

Due to stone grinders and mixing scrapers, melangeur replaces three pieces of equipment of a large factory – pregrinding the ingredients, fine grinding and conching.

Check the lineup

Beside making chocolate from ground cocoa, melangeurs are used to make other things in order to expand the range of products:

  • Bean-to-bar chocolate;
  • Vegan chocolate;
  • Raw chocolate;
  • Sport chocolate;
  • Cocoa liquor;
  • Chocolate spreads;
  • Nut spreads;
  • 100% nut and seed paste;
  • Hummus;
  • Plant-based milk;
  • Durum cereal flour;
. . .
Free consultation
Still got questions or doubts? We’re always in touch and ready to help you.
Smart and hardy

Will measure product temperature themselves and won’t allow the mass to heat up above the temperature you’ve set. In case of a power outage, they’ll sleep until you allow them to continue working.

Match all the European, USA and Australian requirements
RAW & vegan friendly

Melangeur 7 kg
Dimensional size 550 х 450 х 580 mm
Weight 45 kg
Loading capacity 7 kg
Supply 220-240 V~50 Hz
Power 0,55 kW/h
Housing material Stainless steel AISI 304
Rotation speed 0 - 90 rpm
Speed adjustment Yes
  • Melangeur 7 kg;
  • QR-code for the webpage with manual;
  • Warranty certificate.

Melangeur 35 kg
Dimensional size 680х910х1100 mm
Weight 170 kg
Loading capacity 40 kg
Supply 220-240 V~50 Hz
Power 2,2 kW/h
Housing material Steel
Bowl material Food-grade stainless steel AISI 304, stone bottom
Rotation speed 0 - 90 rpm
Speed adjustment Yes
  • Melangeur 35 kg;
  • QR-code for the webpage with manual;
  • Warranty certificate.

Melangeur 65 kg
Dimensional size 800х1070х1180 mm
Weight 270 kg
Loading capacity 65 kg
Supply 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz
Power 3,0 kW/h
Housing material Steel
Bowl material Food-grade stainless steel AISI 304, granite bottom
Rotation speed 0 – 90 rpm
Speed adjustment Yes

Melangeur 85 kg
Dimensional size 850х1150х1250 mm
Weight 325 kg
Loading capacity 85 kg
Supply 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz
Power 3,0 kW/h
Housing material Steel
Bowl material Food-grade stainless steel AISI 304, granite bottom
Rotation speed 0 – 90 rpm
Speed adjustment Yes
Precise manual tilt
Simple unloading of melangeur, even without the electricity.
Removable bowl
This will help to clean the bowl and runners perfectly, reduce loss of chocolate and reduce the carry-over, making the washing easier.
Independent clamp
The spring mechanism allows the grinding stones to fit the bottom of the bowl tight and equable, ensuring perfect grinding without complex and expensive pneumatics.
Removable scrapers
Allows easy loading and unloading the product and cleaning the leftovers.
Sliding sleeves
Eases the rotation of stones, significantly reducing the chance of jamming during the work, as in the case of using the bearings.
Thermal sensor
You set the maximum allowed temperature of the mass and the melangeur follows the speed in order to not overheat the contents.
Reverse movement
The reverse function allows you to briefly change the bowl movement in the opposite direction in order to free the millstones in case of jamming.
Power outage protection
After the electricity supply is restored, the melangeur doesn’t continue to work itself, but waits for the operator to start it.
Additional sockets
Large melangers are big enough to share the electricity with other stuff. For example, a vibrating sieve can be connected directly to the melangeur without pulling the extension cord.
1 year of warranty with fast post-warranty service. Spare parts and components are always in stock.
Can we help you to make a choice?
Tell us about your goals and we’ll help you make the right decision.

Great to be able to get my hands on your products. So long I'm really satisfied with it to make strawberry chocolate (see the picture I linked)



Хорошая, красивая и эстетически приятная на внешний вид машина, и очень функциональная. Спасибо KADZAMA.

Fresh Cacao

Меланжер производителя "KADZAMA" на 7 кг появился в нашем производстве порядка 3 лет назад, используется для помола образцов рецептур, из поломок только замена кнопки(теряется контакт), помол происходит однородный, примерно за двое суток. Приобретением очень довольны!

Так же у нас есть меланжёр KADZAMA на 57 кг. В ряду остальных машин — держит марку. По времени помола все меланжёры на производстве, включая KADZAMA, идентичны.


На меланжере KADZAMA делаем пралине и получается супер! Уже планируем запустить производство своего шоколада :)

Prime chocolate

Спасибо вашей команде за отличные меланжеры! Сегодня ровно 2 года, как семёрка трудится почти ежедневно без устали и ещё даже не заменяли дно и камни. Меланжер на 27 кг работает чуть больше года и также никаких проблем не возникало! Спасибо за оборудование отличного качество! При расширении за покупкой оборудования "Prime chocolate" только к Вам)!!!


I am super happy with the melangeur, the machine is doing a fantastic job. Thank you very much for your great work. I might get a second one next year, I’ll keep you updated.

Chocolate Tree

Thanks to @for_choco_biz Kadzama in Russia for this nice little vibratory sieve to pour the chocolate through. Sieving the chocolate helps us catch any unground particles, or squirrels.

It's a great wee machine, vibrates a lot obviously. Would recommend it to anyone tired of tapping a sieve over a bucket, just make sure your containers fit and the lowest tilt point is high enough on the melangeur.

Anne Chococo

Добрый вечер!

Хочу поделиться своими впечатлениями о работе с Кадзамой!

Прошел ровно год как я пользуюсь меланжером на 7кг лайт. Но не только им, но и подставкой для него.

В первую очередь, о чем мне хочется сказать- это о самом меланжере. До него я пользовалась индийскими и с ними были постоянно проблемы. То шоколад/паста в двигатель затекут, то дисперсность не та. С этим же проблем не было и до сих пор нет. Очень мощный. Бывает такое, что нужно несколько видов шоколада или паст открутить подряд. Он справляется с небольшим передыхом на ура.

А теперь подставка! Мне кажется надо руки поцеловать тому, кто ее изобрел, потому что я девушка и мне очень тяжело поднимать жернова с чашей, полной шоколадом. А с подставкой все проще. Чуть поднапряглась и жернова уже висят в воздухе, а я просто счищаю лопаткой, что на них осталось. А потом и полная чаша оказывается на подставке. Самый Кайф в конце- когда она также в воздухе, а я просто лопаткой счищаю все до последней капельки.

Мечтаю, чтобы поскорее у меня появился еще один такой же.

Большая благодарность сотрудникам Kadzama за такой ценный прибор для моего любимого занятия.

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