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Multipurpose professional stone grinders with simple and solid construction for business and confectionery craft.

Our equipment complies with
specifications of the EU, USA and

Now you decide, how delicious your chocolate is. Taste is under your control.

Ready chocolate is easy to use, but you can’t change its compound, so basically huge chocolate makers dictate the rules of how your chocolate tastes. Аnd it’s pretty expensive, isn’t it?

So how about producing your own chocolate having opportunity to control flavor using cocoa masses (licor) or cocoa beans?

Using KADZAMA melangeur you get high-quality chocolate with cost starting from 4€ per kilo. it's about two times cheaper then ready branded chocolate!

Hard to believe?

Use the choco-calculator to check it out!


Buy ingredients with good prices from different suppliers, use classic chocolate recipes or invent your own, increasing the value of your product.

Do progress respecting traditions

Basically melangeur is a modern mill with stone grinders. For a long time small companies were unable to produce their own chocolate until compact melangeurs with 7 – 77 kg loading appeared.

Melangeur is a universal tool for creating homogeneous masses from solid ingredients. Due to the stone grinders and mixing scrapers, melangeur replaces three other factory units: PREGRINDING, FINE GRINDING & CONCHING. All you need is to prepare the ingredients, consistently load them into the melangeur and wait until the chocolate is ready.

What you can do with melangeur:

  • Chocolate
  • Nut paste
  • Hummus, Urbech and other pasty snacks
  • Flour from the solid ingredients — (buckwheat, rice, peas, etc.)
  • Water, poppy, almonds, cedar based milk
  • Or…make something unique :)
/since 2012

We are developing and producing professional equipment for confectioners and chocolatiers.

Dmitry Mateychik

an expert chocolatier & the founder of KADZAMA company.

The collaboration between KADZAMA engineers and practicing chocolatiers is our key to optimal engineering solutions.

KADZAMA melangeurs work just like the others

...BUT we have the icing on the cake

Independent pressure spring mechanism:

Each spring reaches a pressure of 60 kg. Thanks to the construction the grinding stones densely fit the granite bottom of the bowl, saving the efficiency.

Removable scrapers:

Allow easy loading and unloading the product and cleaning all bits & pieces

Removable bowl of a small melangeur:

Due that it’s possible to clean the bowl and runners perfectly to reduce the waste of chocolate, carry-over and washing.

Precise bowl inclining

Simply unload the melangeur through manual inclined bowl mechanism. Never fails. Together with removable scrapers makes the process simple and handy.

Manual inclined bowl mechanism of 35, 65 and 85 kg melangeurs

Rotating wheel inclines a bowl and gives you an opportunity to unload the melangeur even in case of power outage. Really handy!

Bushing slip:

Provide a plain rotation of runners (grinding stones) allowing to prevent jamming in progress as it happens with bearings.


The lineup Order now

A Heart of Bean to Bar chocolate production with the spirit of Japan.

There is no need to purchase an additional compressor and connect it with pneumatic cylinders.
3 450 €
Melangeur 7 kg CE
Dimensional size 550 х 450 х 550 mm
Weight 45 kg
Loading capacity 7 kg
Electric power supply 220 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Power intake 550 W/h
Housing material Stainless steel AISI 304
Rotation speed 0 - 90 rpm
Speed adjustment Yes
9 580 €
Melangeur 35 kg
Dimensional size 680х910х1100 mm
Weight 170 kg
Loading capacity 35 kg
Electric power supply 220 V ~ 50 Hz
Power intake 2,2 kW/h
Housing material Steel
Bowl material Food-grade stainless steel AISI 304, stone bottom
Rotation speed 0 - 90 rpm
Speed adjustment Yes
12 990 €
14 360 €  
Melangeur 57 kg
Dimensional size 1050х750х1170 mm
Weight 260 kg
Productive capacity 57 kg in 12 hours
Loading capacity 57 kg
Electric power supply 380 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Power intake 3,0 kW/h
Housing material Steel
Bowl material Food-grade stainless steel AISI 304, granite bottom
Rotation speed 0 – 90 rpm
Speed adjustment Yes
16 500 €
Melangeur 65 kg
Dimensional size 800х1070х1180 mm
Weight 270 kg
Loading capacity 65 kg
Electric power supply 380 V ~ 50 Hz
Power intake 3,0 kW/h
Housing material Steel
Bowl material Food-grade stainless steel AISI 304, granite bottom
Rotation speed 0 – 90 rpm
Speed adjustment Yes
18 000 €
Melangeur 85 kg
Dimensional size 850х1150х1250 mm
Weight 285 kg
Loading capacity 85 kg
Electric power supply 380 V ~ 50 Hz
Power intake 3,0 kW/h
Housing material Steel
Bowl material Food-grade stainless steel AISI 304, granite bottom
Rotation speed 0 – 90 rpm
Speed adjustment Yes

Make sure your product is pure and your customers are safe

1 250 €
Vibrating sieve
Dimensional size 540 x 450 x 350 mm; sieve diameter 240 mm
Weight 15 kg
Electric power supply 220 V ~ 50 Hz
Power intake 0.1 kW/h
Material Steel, Stainless Steel AISI 304
Speed adjustment Yes (Power Adjustment)

Warranty and post-warranty service

We have our own production base that allows us to provide and maintain a high quality service.

Service is an essential part of any equipment. Our equipment is designed for daily and constant work. At the end of the warranty period you can always contact us to receive our assistance in solving the problems if something goes wrong.

Consultant: +7 996 966 90 88

1 year of warranty

Melangeurs are designed for daily work


Our office in Europe
9, Demiceva Street, Ljubljana, 1000, Slovenia

«Technology for success»

This is our way of life.



Great to be able to get my hands on your products. So long I'm really satisfied with it to make strawberry chocolate (see the picture I linked)



Хорошая, красивая и эстетически приятная на внешний вид машина, и очень функциональная. Спасибо KADZAMA.

Fresh Cacao

Меланжер производителя "KADZAMA" на 7 кг появился в нашем производстве порядка 3 лет назад, используется для помола образцов рецептур, из поломок только замена кнопки(теряется контакт), помол происходит однородный, примерно за двое суток. Приобретением очень довольны!

Так же у нас есть меланжёр KADZAMA на 57 кг. В ряду остальных машин — держит марку. По времени помола все меланжёры на производстве, включая KADZAMA, идентичны.


На меланжере KADZAMA делаем пралине и получается супер! Уже планируем запустить производство своего шоколада :)

Prime chocolate

Спасибо вашей команде за отличные меланжеры! Сегодня ровно 2 года, как семёрка трудится почти ежедневно без устали и ещё даже не заменяли дно и камни. Меланжер на 27 кг работает чуть больше года и также никаких проблем не возникало! Спасибо за оборудование отличного качество! При расширении за покупкой оборудования "Prime chocolate" только к Вам)!!!


I am super happy with the melangeur, the machine is doing a fantastic job. Thank you very much for your great work. I might get a second one next year, I’ll keep you updated.

Chocolate Tree

Thanks to @for_choco_biz Kadzama in Russia for this nice little vibratory sieve to pour the chocolate through. Sieving the chocolate helps us catch any unground particles, or squirrels.

It's a great wee machine, vibrates a lot obviously. Would recommend it to anyone tired of tapping a sieve over a bucket, just make sure your containers fit and the lowest tilt point is high enough on the melangeur.

Heist Chocolate

nothing but great things to say about @for_choco_biz
Literally the best customer service I'm encountered

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