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/ Cold-pressed oil machine KZM80

Cold-pressed oil machine KZM80

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Desktop press for cold pressing allows you to extract vegetable fat from almost any seeds that contain it. The temperature of the product during squeezing does not rise above 40°C, while not more than 6% fat is left in the bagasse.

The list of products the press is 100% suitable with:

Cocoa beans, black cumin, sunflower seed, carthamus, canola, pistachio, pumpkin seed, melon seed, babassu kernel, palm kernel, cumin seed, grape seed, coconut, lauri fructus (laurel), apricot seed, sesame, hazelnuts , peanuts, walnuts, poppy seeds, flax seeds, almonds, jachoba, mustard seeds, nettle seeds, raspberry seeds, pepper seeds, tomato seeds, rosehips, jatropha, soybeans, blueberry seeds, pomegranate seeds, prickly pear seeds (cactus), fig seeds, lemon seeds, black chia seeds, amaranth, hemp, camelina, moringa seeds, rapeseed, baobab seeds, argan seeds, primrose seeds, cotton seeds, milk thistle, cherry seeds, watermelon seeds, terebinth seeds, avocado.

The machine is great for extracting cocoa butter from cocoa nibs, allowing you to separate aromatic cocoa into cocoa products: butter and bagasse for further grinding into cocoa solids.

Power and reliability

The heart of the machine is a strong german engine and gearbox, which are famous for their reliability and durability, while consuming up to 50% less electricity compared to analogs. To simplify the work of the engine and extend the life of the machine, the press is equipped with a double bearing system to avoid overheating of the engine and gearbox elements. Due to this strengthening, the machine chews even the toughest nuts.

The appearance of goods and packaging may differ from the video.
Dimensional size 710 х 260 х 550 mm
Weight 45 kg
Productive capacity up to 12 kg/h
Supply 220-240 V~50 Hz
Power 1,0 kW/h
RAW & vegan friendly
220-240 V~50 Hz
1,0 kW/h
Dimensional size
710 х 260 х 550 mm
45 kg
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