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Leave the expensive manual labor of chocolate making to a smart machine

Increase production while maintaining high quality standards. Staff turnover and training is no longer a problem.

KADZAMA Automatic tempering machine (ATM).
Heats up, tempers, pours chocolate to within the gram by itself, without any assistance.

Automatic chocolate tempering in 15 minutes.
And no more issues with pre-crystallization. Neither knowledge, nor skills, nor complex equipment are needed. The machine is equipped with a refrigeration unit and smart «brains», so just push the button and go on.
High quality product standards.
It will help you to «achieve the level» without a quality loss. The machine can work out three full tank loads in one hour. The result is always the same. Could your employee beat it?
Upgradeable to automate processes.
Connect a sweets & snacks enrobing machine or a dispensing plate to the automatic tempering machine. Save the manual work for Instagram or meditation.
Food grade stainless steel auger.
A detail inside the machine, which raises the chocolate from the bottom up. Your product is safe and free of external tastes and smells. In addition, the auger does not need to be removed from the body to clean the machine.
Customer support.
Our managers, chocolatiers and tech-specialists are in touch to tell you where to click and what to do, if something goes wrong. Even after the warranty period has expired.
Fast shipping.
No need to wait, if the machine is in stock. We have warehouses in Russia, Europe and the USA.
Nobody is safe from firing the best employee.
Thank you so much! You’re great, you gave me a lot and changed my life...but...
Almost every boss heard something similar at least once before saying goodbye to the employee. And that's the problem. You find a person, bring him to your workshop, adapt, train (sometimes from the rookie), invest time and money — and everything seems to be ok. But no one is safe from the fact that sooner or later this person can quit. «You gave me a lot. But now it’s time to go our separate ways». And you should find someone again…
Good news, everyone:
No need to look for the best specialist to operate an ATM.
How the automatic tempering machine works
  1. Load the chocolate into the tank of the machine and wait for it to become liquid. You can also load already melted chocolate into the tank, this will only speed up the work.
  2. Set the chocolate’s working temperature and press the «pre-crystallization» button to start tempering the chocolate. This process takes up to 15 minutes.Set the chocolate’s working temperature and press the «pre-crystallization» button to start tempering the chocolate. This process takes up to 15 minutes.
  3. Start working with an ATM: pour bars, make candies. Perfectly tempered chocolate pours out of the spout like tap water. 100 years ago a chocolatier could only dream of it! And if you connect an enrobing machine to an ATM, you can start the process of glazing the sweets automatically. There are many use cases. And this is the main advantage of the automatic tempering machine.
Chocolate bars

To start the chocolate bars manufacturing from dark, milk or white chocolate everything is ready right out of the box, no need to buy additional gadgets. The ATM comes with a vibrating table, designed for even distribution of chocolate in the mold and the removal of air bubbles out from the mass.

Overflow sweets and bars
Chocolate enrobing machine.
Sold separately.

An ATM paired with a chocolate enrobing machine could take away manual glazing. No more dipping, tapping, backache and chocolate overrun. The result is always the same and most importantly, it’s easy to repeat.

Stuffed candies
Dispensing plate.
Sold separately.

Dispensing plate is installed on the ATM drain spout and allows to make stuffed candies faster due to the precise delivery of the required amount of chocolate strictly to the cells.

Partly glazed snacks
Undercoat set and half coating cap.
Sold separately.

Additional caps for enrobing machine allow to cover a specific part of the product with chocolate: only the bottom or only half of the product. This opens up new possibilities for expanding the product range.

Perfectly tempered chocolate.
Always at your disposal.
You don't have to limit yourself. Use chocolate for making chopped and lump chocolates, truffle candies, medants, dragees, and all kinds of sweet decor.
Meet the requirements of European Union, USA and Australia
RAW & vegan friendly

Automatic tempering machine 20 kg
Dimensional size 800 х 865 х 1440 mm
Weight 175 kg
Loading capacity 20 kg
Supply 380 V (220 V — on demand) ~ 50 Hz
Power 3,5 kW/h

Automatic tempering machine 30 kg
Dimensional size 838 х 960 х 1474 mm
Weight 185 kg
Productive capacity 90 kg / hour
Loading capacity 30 kg
Supply 380 V (220 V — on demand) ~ 50 Hz
Power 3,7 kW/h

Automatic tempering machine 60 kg
Dimensional size 938 х 1000 х 1549 mm
Weight 231 kg
Loading capacity 60 kg
Supply 400 V ~ 50 Hz
Power 4,2 kW/h

Chocolate enrobing machine 200 mm
Dimensional size 1718 х 536,5 х 1185 mm
Weight 68 kg
Supply 220-240 V~50 Hz
Power 0,6 kW/h

Chocolate enrobing machine 300 mm
Dimensional size 1718 х 636,5 х 1185 мм
Weight 72 kg
Supply 220-240 V~50 Hz
Power 0,6 kW/h

Dispensing plate
Dimensional size 300 х 170 х 120 mm
Weight 5 kg
Material Nozzles: AISI 304 stainless steel
Housing material Aluminum
Half coating cap for enrobing machine 200 mm
Material Stainless steel AISI 304
Undercoat set for enrobing machine 200 mm
Underlay paper 192 mm for KADZAMA chocolate enrobing machine 200 mm
Length 500 m
Thickness 85-95 microns
Coverage One - sided
Underlay paper 292 mm for KADZAMA chocolate enrobing machine 300 mm
Length 500 m
Thickness 85-95 microns
Coverage One - sided
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Ready-made ATM kits for business
Semi-automatic production of chocolate products from cocoa liquor/cocoa mass.
Bean-to-bar Comfort
Semi-automatic production of chocolate bars, truffles and enrobed chocolate candies
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