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Youdon’t need craft chocolate export business
Latin America is a motherland of cocoa
Europe is a motherland of chocolate
Craft chocolate market is
But you still don’t need craft chocolate business and there are 2 main problems:

Europeans and Americans are conservative about chocolate and they’d rather support their native producers in long terms.

History and experience matter.


Chocolate is fragile. It’s hard to deliver it to other countries and keep it safe. You can’t sell melted or cracked chocolate bar.

Good news:
They all need your cocoa!
Fino de Aroma
cocoa liquor
Do cocoa liquor business!
Сreate partnership with European and American manufacturers!
Liquor-to-bar chocolate is getting popular
It’s more profitable
It’s still craft
Less equipment
Fewer competencies
Smaller workspaces
Fewer employees
And it’s good for farmers!
You sell everything you’ve grown;
You don’t need to study confectionery;
You don’t need to design complex products and manage it;
You don’t need to hire and educate more people;
You don’t care about strict delivery standards, liquor cocoa don’t afraid to be melted or cracked;
You don’t need a lot of new expensive equipment and inventory;
can help you
We design equipment and deliver technology for cocoa liquor production wich fit small- and medium-sized cocoa farms.
All you need is 3 machines
Special cocoa beans roasting machines.
Crusher and winnower
Cocoa beans crusher with automatic nib and vella separation.
Modern universal stone grinders and conching machines.
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