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Ball mill

Ball mill by KADZAMA
Ball mill by KADZAMA
Ball mill by KADZAMA
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Ball mill from KADZAMA is a tool for developing new recipes and new products’ testing. This equipment suits for mini-scale production facilities.

The reservoir for the processed product is a cylindrical drum with the capacity of 2,5 kg. Metal balls (25 kg) are loaded into that drum, and these balls are set in motion by the agitator (made of heat-treated wear-resisting alloy steel). The size of balls depends on the milled product (for example, the recipes with a high fat and sugar content need small-size balls). During the operation, balls are rubbing each other, and thus the initial ingredients are frictionized. The agitator’s rotation speed is adjusted and can be set manually. There is also an option to link up a water cooling/heating for the reservoir.

A valve tap for discharging a ready product is in the lower part of the reservoir.

Key specs:

Power intake
0,75 kW/h
Dimensional size
800 х 400 х 1230 mm
Maximum loading
2,5 kg


  • Dimensional size
    800 х 400 х 1230 mm
  • Loading capacity
    2,5 kg
  • Power intake
    0,75 kW/h
  • Rotation speed
    34 - 239 rpm
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