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/ Chocolate tempering bowl (mini)

Chocolate tempering bowl (mini)

Chocolate tempering bowl (mini) by KADZAMA
Chocolate tempering bowl (mini) by KADZAMA
Chocolate tempering bowl (mini) by KADZAMA
Chocolate tempering bowl (mini) by KADZAMA
Chocolate tempering bowl (mini) by KADZAMA
Chocolate tempering bowl (mini) by KADZAMA
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Chocolate tempering bowl (mini) is a full-fledged device for warming & tempering chocolate and keeping it at working temperature.

Made of stainless steel. Infrared heating elements, evenly placed over the entire inner surface area (bottom and 4 walls), provide smooth and economical heating. This allows you to keep chocolate in working condition for a long time.

One of the important advantages of this device is the ability to use additional removable gastro containers GN ⅓ (325 х 176 х 150 mm) for the different types of chocolate. This excludes the need for regular pouring of chocolate and cleaning up the equipment, providing maximum ease and comfort in work. Built-in GN container is not removed.

Maximum chocolate loading capacity: 5 kg. No minimum load limit.

Simple design, high maintainability and low price are the main advantages of the device.

The appearance of goods and packaging may differ from the video.
Dimensional size 430 х 240 х 175 mm
Weight 7 kg
Loading capacity 5 kg
Supply 220-240 V~50 Hz
Power supply system Single-phase
Power 0,2 kW/h
Material Stainless Steel AISI 304
Bowl material Stainless Steel AISI 304
Heating range 20 - 50 °С
Package overall size 470 х 360 х 240 mm
Package weight 7,5 kg
Warranty period 2 year
220-240 V~50 Hz
0,2 kW/h
Dimensional size
430 х 240 х 175 mm
Maximum loading
5 kg
7 kg
2 year
Chang Esther Aguirre

The equipment is amazing, I am very satisfied with it, unfortunatly, we couldn't open the bussines, because the current covid-19 restrictions, but we trust everything is gonna be better..

TIAKARETE | Шоколад ручной работы

Всё оборудование я использую фирмы "KADZAMA". Ребята, на самом деле, очень классные. И сервис, и сами машины, и эстетическое удовольствие доставляет работа с таким оборудованием.

Johonny Spagnolo

Sono in una accademia e l'ho messa qui davanti e stiamo facendo un sacco di prove..vi sto pubblicizzando nei diversi gruppi di cioccolatieri!

Yuval Shahak

I love what you are doing. High level!!!! You are amazing and that your products are the best! This is a hobby, but I am trying to do it as professionally as possible. I hope that I will be able to grow with you! I want to buy everything that you have. Everything looks amazing.


Моё ещё одно желание сбылось. For_choco_biz, Спасибо. Темперирующая машина - мечта.

A'Polli Craft Chocolate
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