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/ Roaster for cocoa beans 9 kg (gas version)

Roaster for cocoa beans 9 kg (gas version)

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If the power grid is weak.

Unlike its analogue — a fully electric 9 kg roaster, which requires up to 55 kW per hour and 380 V power supply to complete its job — the gas version needs 15 kW. It’s almost 4 times less. At the same time, the burner power is comparable to the power of the heating element in electric one: 35 kW for burner versus 40 kW for the heating element.

If electricity is expensive.

Gas is cheaper. If you roast often and a lot, then doing it on gas is much more advantageous. Consumption: 3 m3 per hour. it's perfect just as it is.

Fast response to changes in roasting temperature.

In case of a change in roasting temperatures, the gas system deals with the task significantly faster and more accurately. It can stop the heating right away if needed. Heating element cools down much longer and gives a smoother graph of temperature changes — you can’t stop the heating abruptly.

Dimensional size 2100 х 1080 х 1850 mm
Weight 765 kg
Productive capacity 50-70 kg / hour
Loading capacity 9 kg
Supply 380 V / 50 Hz
Power 15,0 kW/h
Material Stainless steel AISI 304, steel
Warranty period 1 year
380 V / 50 Hz
15,0 kW/h
Dimensional size
2100 х 1080 х 1850 mm
Maximum loading
9 kg
765 kg
1 year
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