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/ Melting tank 160 kg


  • The appearance of the product may differ from the illustrations presented in this manual.

    Melting tank 160 kg


    This manual is designed for study the main technical characteristics, operating principle and rules of technical operation of a melting tank.

    Before use carefully read the instructions below!

    Improper use of the equipment can be a source of danger. By starting work with the device you confirm that you are fully acquainted with this manual and understood the rules of operation of the device.

    KADZAMA Ltd appreciates your purchase and wishes you a pleasant work experience.

  • Purpose of the device

    Melting tank is designed for melting and mixing chocolate. The heating principle allows the solid chocolate to be properly converted into a liquid orking state, after which the chocolate can be loaded into an automatic tempering machine or into a tempering bowl.

  • Specifications

    Supply, [V] / [Hz] 380 / 50-60
    Power (not more than), [kW] 4,5
    Maximun loading capacity, [kg] 160
    Material Stainless steel
    Dimensional size (L x W x H), [mm] 940 х 880 х 1050
    Weight (in package), [kg] 315
  • Configuration

    Melting tank — 1 pc.

    Product spout (front) — 1 pc.

    Product spout (top) — 3 pc.

    Wrench — 3 pc. (DN25, DN40, DN50)

    Manual — 1 pc.

    Warranty card — 1 pc.

  • Safety measures

    4.1. Melting tank is an electric appliance with a certain danger potential. When connecting the device to the electric grid, take all necessary precautions to avoid electric shock.

    4.2. Melting tank must be connected to the power supply and operated only by trained personnel.

    4.3. It is not allowed to operate the device in the absence of electrical grounding («E» wire).

    4.4. Melting tank should be used only for its intended purpose.

    4.5. Use and store the melting tank in a place out of reach of children

    4.6. Do not leave the melting tank switched on without supervision for a long time.

    4.7. Do not operate the melting tank with wet hands.

    4.8. Do not allow liquid inside the melting tank control unit.

    4.9. Do not use the melting tank at ambient temperatures below 10˚C and above 40˚C, and relative humidity above 80%.

    4.10. When transporting the melting tank at sub zero temperatures, prior to first use it should be kept at room temperature for at least 1 hour.

    4.11. Any maintenance should be carried out when the melting tank is disconnected from the power supply!

    4.12. Repair or disassembly of the melting tank may only be provided with the assistance of qualified personnel of KADZAMA Ltd.

  • Constructive elements description

    1 — Power button

    2 — Heat button

    3 — Feed button

    4 — Sleep timer

    5 — Tank mixer button

    6 — Button for indicating current temperature settings

    7 — Tank temperature (current/target)

    8 — Feed temperature (current/target)

    9 — Feed speed display

  • Before start

    6.1. Remove the packaging.

    6.2. Set the melting on a flat hard surface, providing easy access to controls.

    6.3. Make sure that the distance from the body and the engine casing to the nearest objects and walls is at least 10 cm, and the ventilation openings are not blocked by anything.

    6.4. Plug the equipment into a 220V power supply.

  • Exploitation

    Important: the machine has an emergency switch that, when turned, completely cuts off the power. To start, turn the switch to release the lock and press the power button. We recommend checking the emergency stop switch functionality before the start of each shift.

    7.1. The closed space between the boiler and the shell forms a water jacket. In the working position, the heating elements must be in liquid.

    7.2. Filling liquid into the water jacket and monitoring the liquid level in it is manual. Filling is done through the filler hole located on the top of the tank body.

    7.3. EcoWarm Premium (40 liters) is used as a coolant.

    7.4. Before starting, check the presence of water in the water jacket during daily use of the boiler!

    7.5. The mixer and scrapers are removable. To remove the mixer, you need to unscrew the fastening washer and remove the mixer fr om the drive shaft. The mixer is installed in the working position in the reverse order.

    7.6. Open the tank lid and place the chocolate in it. Close the tank lid. Please note that the tank lid is equipped with a lim it switch and each opening will lead to the disabling of part of the functionality, in particular, turning off the tank mixer (to ensure operator safety).

    7.7. Check the condition of the emergency shutdown button (it shouldn’t be in the pressed position). The power button (located on the front of the machine) should light up, indicating it is ready to start. Press it.

    7.8. Press the heat button. The displays (7) and (8) will show the current temperatures of the tank and line, and the heating of the machine components will begin.

    7.9. When the temperature on the display (7) reaches the set level, press the tank mixer button (5) to start mixing the chocolate in the tank. Rotation will not start if the current tank temperature is lower than the set temperature (recommended temperature is 45°C). The temperature of the product in the tank can be changed using the buttons located below tank temperature (7). We recommend visually checking if the chocolate is liquid enough. You can also press the mixer button immediately after turning it on, and the mixer itself will start automatically when the set temperature is reached, but in this case the operator must provide visual control of the mixer starting. If it’s impossible to start, the equipment may go into emergency mode.

    7.10. Install the hose on the drain gander or provide another solution to start the flow, for example, place a gastro-container under the drain, then press the feed button (3) and continue to visually monitor the pumping. Do not leave equipment in pumping mode unattended! Using the feed speed button you can regulate the speed of pumping chocolate from the tank to the supply container. There is a 3-position toggle switch on the side panel that provides manual control of this functionality. All manipulations can be performed only after the lines have been sufficiently heated up.

  • Maintenance and care

    8.1. During the operation keep the melting tank clean.

    8.2. It is allowed to wipe the body with a damp cloth, after disconnecting the melting tank from the power supply.

    8.3. It is allowed to clean the boiler and the mixer under warm water and wash with detergents.

    8.4. Water is not allowed inside the control unit housing.

    8.5. If the supply voltage is lost during the operating cycle, restart the melting tank.

  • Warranty

    The warranty period (as well as the terms of warranty service) are specified in the warranty card.


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