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  • The appearance of the product may differ from the illustrations presented in this manual.

    Frosting container


    This manual is designed for study the main technical characteristics, operating principle and rules of technical operation of frosting container.

    Before use carefully read the instructions below!

    Improper use of the equipment can be a source of danger. By starting work with the device you confirm that you are fully acquainted with this manual and understood the rules of operation of the device.

    KADZAMA Ltd appreciates your purchase and wishes you a pleasant work experience.

  • Purpose of the device

    Frosting container is designed for coating food with a thin layer of chocolate, glaze, etc.

  • Specifications

    Maximum working capacity of chocolate, [kg] 7
    Minimum working capacity of chocolate, [kg] 3
    Power intake, [kW / h] 0,2
    Power supply, [V] / [Hz] 220 / 50
    Heating method Infrared
    Material Stainless steel
    Temperature adjustment range, [℃] 20 - 50
    Bottom local area temp. meas. accuracy, [℃] 0,1
    Dimensional size (L x W x H), [mm]] 260 х 260 х 370
    Weight, [kg] 4
  • Configuration

    Frosting container — 1 pc.

    Manual — 1 pc.

    Warranty card — 1 pc.

  • Safety measures

    4.1. Frosting container is an electric appliance with a certain danger potential. When connecting the device to the electric grid, take all necessary precautions to avoid electric shock.

    4.2. Frosting container must be connected to the power supply and operated only by trained personnel.

    4.3. It is not allowed to operate the frosting container in the absence of electrical grounding («E» wire).

    4.4. Frosting container should be used only for its intended purpose.

    4.5. Use and store the frosting container in a place out of reach of children

    4.6. Do not leave the frosting container switched on without supervision for a long time.

    4.7. Do not operate the frosting container with wet hands.

    4.8. Do not allow liquids inside the frosting container through the ventilation.

    4.9. Do not use the frosting container at ambient temperatures below 10˚C and above 40˚C, and relative humidity above 80%.

    4.10. When transporting the frosting container at sub zero temperatures, prior to first use it should be kept at room temperature for at least 1 hour.

    4.11. Any maintenance should be carried out when the frosting container is disconnected from the power supply!

    4.12. Repair or disassembly of the frosting container may only be provided with the assistance of qualified personnel of KADZAMA Ltd.

  • Before start

    5.1. Remove the packaging.

    5.2. Set the frosting container on a working surface.

    5.3. If the frosting container was at sub zero temperatures for a long time, allow it to warm up to room temperature before turning it on.

    5.4. Empty the container and load at least 3 kg of chocolate into it.

    5.5. Make sure that the power supply is correct and that the power source is properly grounded. Plug the equipment into a 220V.

  • Control panel description

    1 — Power on / off button;

    2 — Temperature display: it shows the current temperature value as well as the set temperature value if any button is pressed;

    3 — Temperature deviation indicator (▲ ❘ ▃ ❘ ▼). Indicator (▼) signals that the current temperature is less than the set one. Indicator (▲) signals that the current temperature exceeds the set one. Indicator ( ▃ ) signals that the current temperature matches to the set one;

    4 — Temperature set value indicator (SV). To check or change the current temperature set value (SV), press any key on the front panel once, while the set value indicator (SV) is on and the set value blinks;

    5 — Unit of measurement indicator (C° ❘ F°);

    6 — Control output indicator (OUT). The indicator lights up when the heating elements are activated;

    7 — The (MODE) key is used to enter / exit adjustable parameters mode and save the set values;

    8 — Settings keys ( ) are used to change setting values.

  • Exploitation

    IMPORTANT! For correct equipment operation it is necessary to maintain a room temperature from 18°C to 25°C. Otherwise, the heating system will show a result higher, than the permissible one (we also draw your attention to the fact that deviation from temperature standards in the room can affect the quality of the product, since in most cases its properties also depend on the environment).

    7.1. Switch the frosting container on with the power on / off button. In this case, the controller display should light up.

    7.2. Set the required heating temperature on the controller.

    7.3. Place the solid or liquid glaze / chocolate in the container to be used to coat the food (ice cream, waffles, bananas, fruit canapes, etc.).

    7.4. Wait until the temperature of the glaze / chocolate reaches the value you need and put the product in the container, and then remove it.

  • Maintenance and care

    8.1. During the work keep the frosting container clean. Any maintenance should be carried out when the device is disconnected from the power supply and cooled to room temperature.

    8.2. It is allowed to wipe the body with a clean, wet sponge or cloth.

    8.3. Wash the inside of the container (if necessary) with warm soapy water first, and then rinse several times with clean water and wipe dry.

    8.4. If the equipment won’t be used for a long time (more than 2 days), it is necessary to disconnect it from the power supply and clean it thoroughly. Repeat steps 8.2 and 8.3 before putting the container to work.

  • Warranty

    The warranty period (as well as the terms of warranty service) are specified in the warranty card.


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