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/ Crusher and winnower for cocoa beans


  • The appearance of the product may differ from the illustrations presented in this manual.

    Crusher and winnower for cocoa beans


    The current operating manual is designed for studying the design, key technical characteristics, operating principles, and maintenance rules of the cocoa bean crusher with separator.

    Please carefully review this manual before operation!

    Improper use of the equipment can pose hazards. Starting operation of the device implies full familiarity with the manual and understanding of the operating rules.

    KADZAMA company thanks you for purchasing our equipment and wishes you productive work ahead.

  • Purpose of the device

    The device "Crusher and winnower for cocoa beans" is designed to grind cocoa beans into fine particles (nibs) sized 1-4 mm³ with subsequent separation of husk from nibs.

  • Specifications

    Power supply, [V] / [Hz] 220 / 50
    Power consumption, [kW] 0,35
    Tank capacity, [kg] 5
    Rotation speed, [rev / min] 65
    Dimensions (L x W x H), [mm] 757 х 658 х 1400
    Weight, [kg] 74
  • Configuration

    Crusher and winnower for cocoa beans – 1 pc,

    Manual – 1 pc,

    Warranty card – 1 pc.

  • Safety measures

    4.1. The cocoa bean crusher with separator is an electric device with inherent electrical hazards. When connecting the device to the electrical network, observe all necessary precautions to avoid electric shock.

    4.2. The crusher and winnower for cocoa beans should be connected to the network and operated only by trained personnel.

    4.3. Operating the device without electrical grounding (using the "E" wire for Euro plugs) is prohibited.

    4.4. Operate the device only for its intended purpose.

    4.5. Operate and store the device in places inaccessible to children.

    4.6. Do not leave the device switched on for extended periods without supervision.

    4.7. Do not operate the device with wet hands.

    4.8. Prevent liquids from entering the device through the ventilation holes on its walls.

    4.9. Do not operate the device at ambient temperatures below 10 or above 40 degrees Celsius, and with relative humidity above 80%.

    4.10. When transporting the device at negative temperatures, allow it to acclimate at room temperature for at least 1 hour before first use.

    4.11. Any technical maintenance or servicing should be performed only with the power cord disconnected from the mains.

    4.12. Repair or disassembly of the device should only be carried out by qualified personnel from the KADZAMA company.

  • Constructive elements description

    1 Polyurethane air duct
    2 Automatic switch
    3 Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)
    4 Protective mesh
    5 Bag for filtering and collecting product dust
    6 Cocoa bean loading tank
    7 Emergency stop button
    8 Blade rotation direction switch
    9 ON/OFF button
    10 Control panel
    11 Airflow power regulator
    12 Husk discharge channel
    13 Lid hinges
    14 Husk collection tank
    15 Grid for the gastronorm container
    16 Husk unloading slider
    17 Mobile supports
    18 220 V Power plug
    19 Nibs outlet
    20 Separation channel
    21 Nibs hopper for additional cleaning
    22 Crushing unit
  • Before start

    6.1. Remove the packaging.

    6.2. Place the device on a flat, solid surface, ensuring free access to the controls.

    6.3. Make sure there is a distance of at least 10 cm between the walls of the casing and motor and the nearest objects or walls, and that the ventilation openings are not covered.

    6.4. Plug the power cable into a 220 V outlet.

  • Exploitation

    7.1. Before starting, turn on the circuit breaker and the residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) located on the back of the case, and check the emergency stop button. If it is pressed, turn it clockwise to release it.

    7.2. Start the device using the ON/OFF button.

    7.3. Place a suitable gastronorm container on the grid.

    7.4. Install the protective screen in the cocoa bean loading tank.

    7.5. Load the cocoa beans into the loading tank.

    7.6. Set the blade rotation direction switch to the right position. The crushing process will begin.

    7.7. To increase the speed of separation or the purity of the nib, adjust the feed window using the slider in the crushing unit and the nib discharge slider. The separation process will begin.

    7.8. To improve the quality of the nib, you can repeat the separation process without crushing. To do this, remove the baffle on the left side of the separator and install the hopper for processing nibs without crushing.

    7.9. If stones or other foreign objects enter the crushing unit, the blades will jam, and the crusher will stop. To unjam the blades, turn the blade rotation direction switch clockwise to the right. The blades will rotate in the opposite direction. Set the switch to the middle position to stop the blades. You can now remove the stone and continue working.

    7.10. To prevent overheating of the gear motor, it is recommended to take a 15-minute break after every two hours of continuous operation.

  • Maintenance and care

    8.1. Keep the device clean during operation.

    8.2. It is permissible to wipe the housing with a damp cloth after disconnecting the crusher and winnower for cocoa beans from the power supply.

    8.3. To clean the inside of the separator chamber, open the two tension locks on the left side of the housing and open the separator chamber lid.

    8.4. It is permissible to wash the separator chamber using cleaning agents.

    8.5. Do not allow water to enter the electrical panel.

  • Warranty

    9.1. The warranty period (as well as the terms of warranty service) are specified in the warranty certificate.


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