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/ Mini-guitar candy slicer


  • The appearance of the product may differ from the illustrations presented in this manual.

    Mini-guitar candy slicer


    This manual is designed for study the main technical characteristics, operating principle and rules of technical operation of mini-guitar candy slicer (string cutting).

    Before use carefully read the instructions below!

    Improper use of the equipment can be a source of danger. By starting work with the tool you confirm that you are fully acquainted with this manual and understood the rules of operation of the device.

    KADZAMA Ltd appreciates your purchase and wishes you a pleasant work experience.

  • Purpose of the device

    The mini-guitar candy slicer is designed for cutting filling, marmalade, souffle, biscuit, marzipan & ganache.

  • Specifications

    String thickness, [mm] 0,8
    String material Stainless steel
    Bedplate, frames, removable plate material Stainless steel
    Bedplate size (L x W x H), [mm] 285 х 290 х 65
    Cutting field size (L x W), [mm] 200 х 210
    Removable plate size (L x W), [mm] 210 х 230
    Frame size (L x W), [mm] 305 х 390
    Dimensional size (L x W x H), [mm] 305 х 395 х 83
    Weight (unpackaged / in package), [kg] 10 / 12
  • Configuration

    Bedplate — 1 pc.

    Frame at a pitch of 15 mm — 1 pc.

    Frame at a pitch of 22,5 mm — 1 pc.

    Frame at a pitch of 30 mm — 1 pc.

    Removable plate — 1 pc.

    Manual — 1 pc.

    Warranty card — 1 pc.

  • Safety measures

    4.1. Mini-guitar candy slicer should be used only for its intended purpose.

    4.2. Use and store the mini-guitar candy slicer in a place out of reach of children.

    4.3. To avoid personal injury, do not leave the frame mounted on a bedplate in an upright position. The frame should be stored either removed from the base, or in the lowest position (when the strings fully set the slots of the bedplate):

    4.4. Do not use the mini-guitar candy slicer at ambient temperatures below 10˚C and above 40˚C, and relative humidity above 80%.

    4.5. Repair of the mini-guitar candy slicer may only be provided with the assistance of qualified personnel of KADZAMA Ltd.

  • Constructive elements description

    1 — Frames

    2 — Bedplate

    3 — Removable plate

  • Before start

    6.1. Remove the packaging.

    6.2. Set a mini-guitar candy slicer on a flat hard surface, providing easy access for the frame movement.

    6.3. Set the frame with a pitch you need on the bedplate (as shown on this picture):

  • Exploitation

    7.1. Place the slice of material to be cut on the bedplate.

    7.2. Select one of the three frames with the pitch you need and install it in the lugs of the bedplate.

    7.3. Move the frame down on the slice of material even and securely, cutting it on equal pieces.

    7.4. Take off cut material from the bedplate with the removable plate.

    7.5. Raise the frame to its original position.

    7.6. Change the frame if you need to change the cutting pitch.

    7.7. Remove all the dirt from the strings and bedplate.

    7.8. Place the cut material on the bedplate at an angle (e.g. 90 degrees) to the cut line.

    7.9. Repeat steps 7.3 и 7.4.

  • Maintenance and care

    8.1. During the work keep the mini-guitar candy slicer clean.

    8.2. It is allowed to wash bedplate, frames & removable plate under warm water and wash with detergents.

    8.3. After washing all the parts, the mini-guitar candy slicer must be wiped dry.

    8.4. You can replace and tighten the string yourself if necessary (using a standard hex and wrench). To fix in a taut position after tightening, the cap nut must be tightened.

  • Warranty

    The warranty period (as well as the terms of warranty service) are specified in the warranty card.


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