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  • The appearance of the product may differ from the illustrations presented in this manual.

    Melangeur 7 kg


    This manual is designed for study the main technical characteristics, operating principle and rules of technical operation of a melangeur 7 kg.

    Before use carefully read the instructions below!

    Improper use of the equipment can be a source of danger. By starting work with the device you confirm that you are fully acquainted with this manual and understood the rules of operation of the device.

    KADZAMA Ltd appreciates your purchase and wishes you a pleasant work experience.

  • Purpose of the device

    Melangeur 7 kg is designed for grinding cacao beans, sugar, nuts and other dry ingredients to a paste substance.

  • Specifications

    Power supply, [V] / [Hz] 220 / 50
    Power intake (not more than), [kW / h] 0,55
    Tank capacity, [kg] 7
    Tank rotation speed, [rev / min] 0 — 90
    Dimensional size (L x W x H), [mm] 550 х 450 х 550
    Weight (unpackaged / in package), [kg] 45 / 50
  • Configuration

    Melangeur — 1 pc.

    Manual — 1 pc.

    Warranty card — 1 pc.

  • Safety measures

    4.1. Melangeur is an electric appliance with a certain danger potential. When connecting the device to the electric grid, take all necessary precautions to avoid electric shock.

    4.2. Melangeur must be connected to the power supply and operated only by trained personnel.

    4.3. It is not allowed to operate melangeur in the absence of electrical grounding («E» wire).

    4.4. Melangeur should be used only for its intended purpose.

    4.5. Use and store melangeur in a place out of reach of children

    4.6. Do not leave melangeur switched on without supervision for a long time.

    4.7. Do not operate melangeur with wet hands.

    4.8. Do not allow liquids through the vents of melangeur.

    4.9. Do not use melangeur at ambient temperatures below 10˚C and above 40˚C, and relative humidity above 80%.

    4.10. When transporting melangeur at sub zero temperatures, prior to first use it should be kept at room temperature for at least 1 hour.

    4.11. Any maintenance should be carried out when melangeur is disconnected from the power supply!

    4.12. Repair or disassembly of melangeur may only be provided with the assistance of qualified personnel of KADZAMA Ltd.

  • Constructive elements description

    1 — Body

    2 — Tank

    3 — Adjustable stones tensioner

    4 — Emergency stop button

    5 — Rotation speed control

    6 — ON / OFF

    7 — Lid mount

  • Before start

    6.1. Remove the packaging.

    6.2. Set melangeur on a flat hard surface, providing easy access to controls.

    6.3. Make sure that the distance between the body and the nearest objects is at least 10 cm.

    6.4. Plug the equipment into a 220V power supply.

  • Exploitation

    7.1. Install the tank (2) on the body (1), aligning it with the shaft and the thrust bearing.

    7.2. Install the frame with runners and removable scrapers, lock it with nuts.

    7.3. Before starting the rotation, you need to turn on the circuit breaker located on the rear wall of the body (under the casing). Also check button (4): if it turned on — rotate it clockwise to turn off.

    7.4. Melangeur 7 kg is equipped with a lid. To start the tank rotation, cover it with the lid, placing it on top of the sensor, and fix it with toggle latches (7). The tank rotation will stop as soon as the lid is removed. To restart the rotation, fix the lid on the sensor and press the START button. Choose the tank rotation speed by turning the control knob (5). The START button is also responsible for the reverse function: press and hold it while the melangeur is working to change the direction of bowl rotation. Release the pressed START button so that the reverse rotation stops and returns to original rotation.

    7.5. Do not start melangeur when the stones are dry (!). This may cause rapid deterioration. During the grinding, axes of the millstone must be covered with the mass — this determines the minimum loading capacity of melangeur (!).

    melangeur min load

    7.6. Before starting melangeur, make sure there is no pressure on the stones (nuts of the tensioner are unscrewed).

    7.7. The tensioner provides additional pressure on the stones to the bottom of the tank. That increases the productivity of melangeur. When the pressure is reduced, the grinding process is slowing down, but the conching process continues with the same intensity. А gap between the spring coils must be at least 2-3 mm for the tensioner to work properly.

    7.8. Unused millstones need some breaking-in to reach maximum grinding intensity (!).

    7.9. Load the ingredients gradually in order to avoid tank jamming.

    7.10. If there is cacao butter in the recipe, it may be added at the same time with cacao nibs. That will ease primary grinding. It is recommended to add cacao butter in liquid form.

    7.11. To make chocolate gradually, add roasted cacao nibs. Add sugar as soon as the mass becomes fluid. Then wait until you get a homogeneous mass with the dispersion you need.

    7.12. After the work is complete, pour off the produced mass. To do this, loosen the nuts of the adjustable tensioner for stones, unscrew the nuts of the frame with runners and removable scrapers to remove it and remove the tank.

  • Troubleshooting

    If your KADZAMA melangeur does not start, check the conditions listed below.

    8.1. The power cable of the equipment is not damaged and correctly connected to the device.

    8.2. The socket, where the equipment is connected, has a voltage that meets the required power supply parameters, specified in the technical characteristics of the connected device (your building may be completely de-energized, or the circuit breaker of this socket is turned off in the switchboard).

    8.3. The equipment plug is fully and correctly connected to the socket.

    8.4. Circuit breakers (automatic switcher / RCD) are turned on (control levers up).

    8.5. Red emergency stop button on the body of the equipment is not pressed (push it to check, then turn counterclockwise until OFF).

    8.6. All equipment lids (if available in the set) are on.

    8.7. Rotary speed control knob (potentiometer knob) is not (!) at 0.

    8.8. The tank starts rotating when the knob is turned to the ON (if available) / pushing the START button (you will hear a click sound and the button itself lights up).

    8.9. If all the conditions listed above are met and the tank does not start rotating — visually check the fan impeller of the electric motor. Inform KADZAMA manager with the result (rotating / not rotaing) for further consultation.

  • Maintenance and care

    9.1. During the operation keep melangeur clean.

    9.2. It is allowed to wipe melangeur with a damp cloth, after disconnecting it from the power supply.

    9.3. You can wash the tank under warm water and wash it with detergents. Do not allow water into the body.

    9.4. It is allowed to wash suspension stones unit under the stream of water.

  • Warranty

    The warranty period (as well as the terms of warranty service) are specified in the warranty card.


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