/ Frosting capacity

Frosting capacity

Frosting capacity by KADZAMA
Frosting capacity by KADZAMA
Frosting capacity by KADZAMA

If you were looking for a special bucket where you put ice cream on a stick and it is covered with chocolate, then here it is.

In addition to the convenient form factor that allows you to build it into the countertop in closed production, the container fits perfectly into the context of working in crowded places, markets and exhibitions, because it allows you to effectively cover products with a thin layer of chocolate — piece by piece. This can be ice cream, waffles, bananas, fruit canapés. A great tool for collecting children and sweet tooth around you. Moreover, the capacity allows you to work with any type of chocolate, whether it is bitter, milk, white or any type of vegan chocolate.

Kadzama Co designs high-quality chocolate manufacturing machines from melangeurs to tempering machines both for beginning entrepreneurs and for developed production of craft chocolate factories. We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions on our products.


  • Dimensional size
    260 х 260 х 370 mm
  • Weight
    4 kg
  • Loading capacity
    7 kg
  • Electric power supply
    220 V ~ 50 Hz
  • Power intake
    200 W
  • Housing material
    Steel, stainless steel
  • Bowl material
    Stainless steel
  • Heating range
    20 – 50 °C
  • Package overall size
    300 х 300 х 400 mm
  • Package weight
    5 kg
  • Manufacturer
  • Warranty period
    1 year
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