/ Desktop precise chocolate dispenser

Desktop precise chocolate dispenser

Desktop precise chocolate dispenser by KADZAMA
Desktop precise chocolate dispenser by KADZAMA
Desktop precise chocolate dispenser by KADZAMA
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Let's extend the hand of automation, entrepreneurs! This new robot in chocolate manufacturingfrom KADZAMA is designed to help you pour chocolate into molds or write words from chocolate.

The robot is already programmed to work with plastic forms from KADZAMA, however, it can be programmed and is able to pour chocolate into any form with an accuracy of up to a gram. The operatoronly should to select mold to pour and press the «Start» button. The machine has its own built-in reservoir, where up to 5 kg of precrystallized chocolate is placed, so you will still need a container for tempering chocolate, for example, a variant with a wheel mixer, and an incubator of stable cocoa butter crystals in order to prepare the chocolate for pouring (tempering) in 15 seconds.

Like any machine from KADZAMA, the robot does its work in silence and obediently, does not ask for lunch or to go to the bathroom, does not ask for vacations and days off :) It is created so that you just earn money on chocolate, even if you do not have the competence in precrystallization and mechanical skills of pouring chocolate into moulds.

When you’ll be ready to increase chocolate manufacturing— we have a large robot that can take its place on an automatic chocolate production line.


  • Dimensional size
    610 х 670 х 800 mm
  • Weight
    80 kg
  • Loading capacity
    up to 5 kg
  • Electric power supply
    220 V ~ 50 Hz
  • Material
    Aluminum, steel
  • Bowl material
    Stainless steel
  • Accuracy of dosing
    1 g
  • Heating range
    20 – 50 °C
  • Operating field size
    450 х 200 mm
  • Package overall size
    700 х 700 х 900 mm
  • Package weight
    90 kg
  • Warranty period
    1 year
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