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/ Cooling tunnel 6 m

Cooling tunnel 6 m

Cooling tunnel 6 m by KADZAMA
Cooling tunnel 6 m by KADZAMA
Cooling tunnel 6 m by KADZAMA
Cooling tunnel 6 m by KADZAMA
Cooling tunnel 6 m by KADZAMA
Cooling tunnel 6 m by KADZAMA
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Cooling tunnel 6 meters is designed for automatic cooling of finished chocolate products for chocolate crystallization.

Artisans and micro-manufacturers often refrigerate their finished products in special or simple refrigerators. But due to the large number of movements: transfer products to a tray, take the tray to the refrigerator, pull the tray out of the refrigerator, pack — it will be difficult for you to automate production if there is such a need. This prevents scaling.

Cooling tunnel is created to get rid of excess manual operations on automated production and to standardize the quality of chocolate crystallization, to avoid defects.

So at A-point bars, sweets, glazed products are placed on a moving belt and at B-point the packer takes products for packaging with proper crystallized chocolate.

Technical features:

1. Adjustable belt speed.
The product moves through the tunnel from A-point to B-point for about 20 minutes. But this time can be extended or shortened if needed, depending on the product.

2. You decide which way the tunnel belt will go.
To organize the production process you can rearrange the tunnel and change its direction, after this the belt direction will change. So it’s possible to organize the movement of products from left to right and from right to left.

Another step towards the automation of manufacturing.

Cooling tunnel works perfectly together with the KADZAMA automatic tempering machine and connected chocolate enrobing machine, which is designed specifically for pairing with a cooling tunnel, or automatic mold loader. Such combos will provide an almost seamless line, where at one point the operator lays out products for glazing or loads the polycarbonate molds into the tray, and at another point the finished product is already proceeded for packaging. Now it looks like a factory ;)

The line-up of cooling tunnels also has versions for 8 meters and 12 meters. Functionally they are the same. The difference between tunnels is only in performance: the longer the tunnel — the better the performance.

Dimensional size 7150 х 880 х 1120 mm
Weight 704 kg
Productive capacity (belt speed) 0 – 8 m/min
Supply 380 V ~ 50 Hz
Power 4.5 kW/h
Housing material Steel, stainless steel AISI 304
Speed adjustment Yes
Temperature range from +2°C to +15°C
Package overall size 2640 х 2000 х 1200 mm
Package weight 770 kg
Warranty period 1 year
Belt width 300 mm (belt width can be customized according to customer's requirements. The maximum width is 800 mm.)
380 V ~ 50 Hz
4.5 kW/h
Dimensional size
7150 х 880 х 1120 mm
704 kg
1 year
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