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/ Chocolate enrobing machine 300 mm for pairing with a cooling tunnel — L

Chocolate enrobing machine 300 mm for pairing with a cooling tunnel — L

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Building an automatic line for chocolate production.

Automatic chocolate enrobing machine (also known as «chocolate coating machine») designed to exclude skilled manual labor on a coating step and deliver a standardized result.

Since this is the L-version (means left) it’s installed to the left of the ATM and the product moves from left to right.

First, products to be coated are laid out on a 300 mm wide belt, then they pass through the vertical flow of tempered chocolate and are poured over, after which all excess chocolate is blown away and tapped off — this ensures a neat and uniform coating layer. The intensity of the air flow and vibration are adjustable. A special shank is installed at the end of the belt, which removes excess chocolate from the bottom of the products when they pass to the cooling tunnel belt in order to get rid of chocolate smudges (when a bit of chocolate flows onto the belt and cools).

Unlike the standard 300 mm chocolate enrobing machine, this version is specifically designed to line up with the cooling tunnel. Glazed products automatically pass on the cooling tunnel belt without any human assistance. Products with already cooled (crystallized) chocolate leave the tunnel ready for packaging.

The machine is connected to the automatic tempering machine and placed in a line with the cooling tunnel in order to obtain almost a seamless transition from the machine belt to the tunnel belt.


  • Chocolate enrobing machine.
  • Tray for pouring with adjustable blinds.
  • Air nozzle.
  • Air hose.

The belt speed is adjustable both at the machine and the tunnel, so you need to set the same speed of the belts both there and there so everything works as a single line.

The machine is compatible with tunnels 6 meters, 8 meters and 12 meters long.

The appearance of goods and packaging may differ from the video.
Dimensional size 1300x1185x650 mm
Weight 68 kg
Supply 220-240 V~50 Hz
Power 0,6 kW/h
Package overall size 580x670x1900 mm
Package weight 79 kg
Belt width 300 mm
220-240 V~50 Hz
0,6 kW/h
Dimensional size
1300x1185x650 mm
68 kg
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