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/ Bactericidal recirculator

Bactericidal recirculator

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An ultraviolet irradiator is designed to disinfect indoor air, which becomes especially relevant during periodic seasonal SARS outbreaks, as the device can reduce the risk of infection of employees in the workplace.

The design of the device is closed, the body is made of stainless steel - this prevents ultraviolet rays from getting on staff. The air is drawn into the recirculator by the fan inside, it becomes disinfected, passing by UV lamps, and clean air comes out. For disinfection, two ozone-free bactericidal lamps areб responsible for killing the microscopic life caught in the impact area.

The maximum productivity of one recirculator is 150 ± 10 m³ / h, choosing the number of lamps it is important to consider the height of the ceiling. For example, your ceiling height is 2 m, the recirculator capacity is 150 ± 10 m³ / h: 150: 2 = 75 m² - the maximum area of ​​the room where one recirculator is enough.

Key specs:

Dimensional size
580х230х70 mm
10 kg


  • Dimensional size
    580х230х70 mm
  • Weight
    10 kg
  • Productive capacity
    150±10 m3 / h
  • Supply
  • Material
    Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Ozone-free bactericidal lamps
  • Power of the lamp
    25 W
  • Number of lamps
    2 PCs.
  • Lamp life
    8000 h
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