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/ Automatic tempering machine 60 kg

Automatic tempering machine 60 kg

Automatic tempering machine 60 kg by KADZAMA
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The senior member of KADZAMA professional automatic tempering machines family. It differs from the junior ones only by the largest tank volume, which holds up to 60 kg of chocolate. Same functionality and design:

  • Reliable analog control system;
  • High speed of chocolate dissolving;
  • Chocolate flow control via handy volumetric dispenser with a pedal;
  • Built-in cooling system;
  • Compact;
  • Low-voltage vibrating table included.

The machine is designed the way the chocolate is always in a pre-crystallized (tempered) state, circulating in a loop. The chocolate temperature in the tank is 45ºC. Cooling happens at a specific point in the flow inside the machine, which creates a seed for the tempering. When leaving the machine the chocolate is 31ºC. Over-crystallization can't happen under such conditions and the chocolate stability is maintained. All these things create the possibility of building an automated line for chocolate products manufacturing, not wasting time on chocolate preparation and save on highly-skilled staff.

An important feature of our ATMs is metal auger, which, unlike plastic ones, is safer for making chocolate and doesn’t give any extra flavors or smells. No need to remove the auger while deep cleaning the machine to switch to a different type of chocolate (for example, from dark to white).

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Dimensional size 938 х 1000 х 1549 mm
Weight 231 kg
Loading capacity 60 kg
Supply 400 V ~ 50 Hz
Power supply system Three-phase
Power 4,2 kW/h
Cooling power 11.000 btu
Package overall size 1150 х 790 х 1720 mm
Package weight 235 kg
Warranty period 2 year
The period of tempering 15 min
400 V ~ 50 Hz
4,2 kW/h
Dimensional size
938 х 1000 х 1549 mm
Maximum loading
60 kg
231 kg
2 year
Read the manual before starting work
User's manual
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